Can’t find Hipp and Holle on Amazon? Here’s how you can order them on !

When my wife and I started researching baby formulas, we heard from a lot of friends and colleagues about how great the European brands Hipp and Holle were for babies. At first, we felt that they were being over-protective parents and perhaps Similac or Enfamil was probably good enough. However, when our baby refused to take both the American brands and we decided to give Hipp a try.

My wife got us a box from a US website for about $35 a box and it arrived promptly within 2-3 days. We were pleasantly surprised by how quickly our baby took to it! Some of our friends conducted a blind taste test, and confirmed that Hipp tasted the closest to mother’s milk (I know…but lets not get into the details).

After this experience, we decided to transition fully to Hipp. The box lasts a good amount of time (~3-4 weeks) – depending on your baby’s diet. As we ran low on the first box, the next question was where to order it from next time.

Ordering Options

Stateside websites:
If you Google Hipp baby formula, you’ll be creamed by ads from US websites whose entire business model is to get these formulas from Europe in bulk and sell them piecemeal in the US (for a handsome markup). They do promise fast 2-3 day shipping via priority mail so that’s a big plus if you’re in a rush.

Ordering directly from (not Amazon US):
Now, Hipp and Holle are available is several European markets – UK, Germany, France etc. Simply go to the local version of Amazon and pay the local price plus shipping; it is not available on the US Amazon website BUT available on and others (see more on how to translate websites below):

Link to page for Level 2 Hipp

Link to page for Level 2 Holle

Pay attention to the ‘Level’ as the level increases as your baby grows! E.g. Level 3 is recommended for 10 months+ age. You’ll find details on each product’s page.

As an example, in our case, we choose and ordered the 4 pack of Hipp from there. To compare, we were paying $35 a box from US websites. On, we paid Eur 60 (USD $72) for 4 boxes including shipping. Now, that’s a steal. Sure the locals in Europe pay less but I’m happy to pony up $20 for shipping if the formula is so much cheaper.

Lastly, if you have trouble understanding the text in another language, you may use the translate feature within chrome (shows up as a button in the address/URL bar) OR you also have the option to change the language on to english (scroll all the way to the bottom – change the language to ‘English’; leave the flag/country as Germany/Deutschland).

The only downside – it takes a while to get here and has to go through US customs etc. It took approximately two weeks to get all the way to California. So, I’d recommend planning ahead.

Lastly, if you haven’t tried any of these formulas with your baby yet – it’s best to just get one box from a US website to give it a try.

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