Believe it or not but business class tickets do go on sale from time to time. All that is needed from you is a keen eye and flexibility.

So, how does one become an expert in hunting business class deals?

Step by step guide:

  • Learn to identify good deals – search for fares from your home airport to your vacation destinations and make note of typical fares. This will help you identify great deals when the come up
  • Start frequenting forums such as the premium deal forum on flyertalk
  • Add your favorite bloggers to your RSS feeds. Use a tool like feeder in Chrome. Some of our favorite bloggers include view from the wing, one mile at a time (OMAAT), and the points guy
  • Be open to creative ideas –¬†if you live in the US and see a fare sale from London to US airports, consider booking a one-way with miles to get you to London and use the cheap fare on your return
  • ¬†Flexibility is key – let’s say you want to go to Rome. If you see a fare sale that gets you to anywhere within the continent aka mainland Europe, book it! Take trains or a low-cost carrier once you arrive
  • If you’re an iOS user, download milefeeds. Mile feeds aggregates the most popular travel and points blogs in an easy to view format.

Tips for booking deals:

  • Golden rule – book first think later. Premium fare deals are often fare mistakes which get fixed as soon as the airline notices booking activity
  • Free cancellations – most US airlines allow you to cancel bookings within 24 hours for a full refund. Booking quickly is key to locking in the fares (check with the wife later!)
  • Use a credit card that offers trip insurance and the most points – premium fares bookings do add up! Cards such as Chase Sapphire Reserve include trip interruption insurance by default

Sample fares:

  • Asia to Europe – US $1,500 and under is a great business class deal
  • West coast US to Europe – anything under $2,000 is a great fare in business class! I’ve booked fares at $1,600 round trip in the past
  • US to Asia – anything under $2,500 is a great deal

In addition to paid fares, one of the best ways to get great deals is to use credit card points by transferring them to airline loyalty programs. Some of our most recommended credit cards and offers can be found here