A detailed comparison of Wild Apricot vs WordPress from a webmaster perspective. Wild Apricot is a website hosting and mailing list management software popular amongst the non-profit community. WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms on the internet. How do they compare?

Wild Apricot Review:

The major benefit of wild apricot is that you don’t need to be super technical to run your website. It’s built with an easy interface that lets you create pages, events (including collecting payments) and manage a mailing list. There is a little bit of upfront effort in setting things up but once our site is up and running, it’s easy to maintain. Another key benefit is that you don’t have to find a website hosting provider like you would for a wordpress website. Wild Apricot acts as a one stop shop for all your website hosting and management needs.

The big downside is that pricing – Wild Apricot gets more expensive the larger your subscriber base gets. This can add up over time especially if you have a non-profit that doesn’t charge a membership fee or has other sources of revenue.

Wild Apricot also seems to have hands on customer support – you can email or call in and they’re willing to help with trivial tasks or helping make changes to your account etc.

WordPress Review:

A lot has been written up about WordPress already on many blogs so we’ll focus here on how it stacks up against Wild Apricot.

The basic setup on WordPress is not too tedious but this only gets you text pages. Now, if you need to manage a mailing list, you will likely end up choosing a 3rd party plug-in such as mail chimp. The good thing is that WordPress’s developer community is very vibrant and there’s a plug-in for pretty much anything, the bad thing is that 1) they charge fees and 2) it takes work to get everything working together nicely.

Pricing wise, WordPress itself is free but you do end up paying for everything from a theme (look and feel for your site) to mail chimp fees. It’s almost as if Wild Apricot is a full service airlines whereas WordPress is a no frills carrier where they charge for every add-on.


Choose WordPress if:
You are technical and particular about how your site looks/feels and want to customize every last detail, Word Press is the clear winner. Also, if you have a large member base, Word Press will save you money in the long run.

Choose Wild Apricot if:
You’re a small organization looking for an easy to manage platform for a website and mailing list. You don’t mind paying a bit extra but don’t want to deal with spending hours every time you want to add a feature.

As your organization grows, you always have the option to migrate up to Word Press. We provide web master services for both these platforms as well as consulting support for any one-off projects including migrating your website from one to the other. Reach out to us as admin@dealpreviews.com!